SEO, SE Tags, and Selective Page Indexing


Your WordPress real estate website mostly depends on search engines for the traffic it gets, and a search engine depends on its search bots (or spiders) for the content it indexes from a website. Furthermore, search engine bots depend on the SE [Read more...]

Fortune 500 companies use WordPress!

wordpress also works for real estate agents Do you think Fortune 500 companies use template and frame sites that are used by most real estate website development companies like Z57 and Advanced Acces? Not very likely!  They know that template sites are loaded with clunky code and are very difficult to optimize for search engine performance. [Read more...]

Google says good things about WordPress!

Matt Cutts is the head of the Webspam Department at Google. The Webspam Department is responsible for ensuring that only quality sites rank well in Google search engine results. [Read more...]

You do not need to use your brain for your WordPress real estate website. (Part 1)

Cat got your tongue?  Got writer’s cramp? Brain dead?  Here’s the good news:

You don’t have to use your brain to come up with ideas for your real estate blog. Let others use their brains to come up with content.  Here are a few ways to do it. [Read more...]

Are you in love with your own real estate website?

agent looking at realtor website Well, you shouldn’t be.  After all, no one else is in love with your website. I know your visitors certainly are not. Don’t worry.  I’m sure no one is in love with my own real estate website either. Of course, if  your real estate website is actually generating business, then it might be OK for you to be in love with it. [Read more...]

Do you email when drunk?

realtor emailing while drunkDo you like to stay up late at night and crank out emails?  Perhaps you like to “tip a few” while you compose those messages.  Maybe when you wake up the next morning, you rummage through your “sent” box to see what you did.  Maybe you wrote something lurid to the wife of your office manager.

Maybe you even gave away valuable secrets, like access to your MySQL database. Perhaps you wrote something embarrassing to an ex-spouse.  Did you send some death threats to your least favorite politician?  Maybe that email you can’t remember sending will someday be called “Exhibit A” by the District Attorney.  You might even get a visit from the Secret Service. [Read more...]

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Do you use wordpress plugins? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

biting wordpress plugin developers

If you have a WordPress blog, there is a 99% chance that you use wordpress plugins. If you develop your own sites, you already know what they are, and you probably are familiar with at least a handful. If someone does your web development for you, you still enjoy the benefits of plugins that do everything from managing comment spam to generating forms pages. [Read more...]

Getting your posts indexed.

Be sure that your posts are long enough.

Ernest Hemingway (when he still had a head) bet a guy he met in a bar that he could write a compelling story with just six words. The bar patron took him up on it. Ernest won the bet. Here is the story:

“Baby shoes for sale. Never worn.” [Read more...]