Really dumb grammar mistakes. (Part 1)

I would like to preface this article by saying that REALTORS who make grammar mistakes are not necessarily dumb.  If you are writing copy for your real estate website, you can bend the rules under the cover of “artistic license.” [Read more...]

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Getting your posts indexed.

Be sure that your posts are long enough.

Ernest Hemingway (when he still had a head) bet a guy he met in a bar that he could write a compelling story with just six words. The bar patron took him up on it. Ernest won the bet. Here is the story:

“Baby shoes for sale. Never worn.” [Read more...]

rulEs FOR ProPer caPitaliZation.

Do you know when you should use “upper-case” letters? If you don’t, it would be a “capital” idea to find out! (Bad pun intended. Well, they can’t all be funny, you know. You just can’t expect that!) [Read more...]

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