Do you email when drunk?

realtor emailing while drunkDo you like to stay up late at night and crank out emails?  Perhaps you like to “tip a few” while you compose those messages.  Maybe when you wake up the next morning, you rummage through your “sent” box to see what you did.  Maybe you wrote something lurid to the wife of your office manager.

Maybe you even gave away valuable secrets, like access to your MySQL database. Perhaps you wrote something embarrassing to an ex-spouse.  Did you send some death threats to your least favorite politician?  Maybe that email you can’t remember sending will someday be called “Exhibit A” by the District Attorney.  You might even get a visit from the Secret Service.

Don’t despair.  Help is on the way.  No, the Nanny State won’t step in to save you from yourself!  Your savior will be a ubiquitous and even more all-knowing entity than the government!  It’s the same outfit that might know more about you than the NSA ever will!   I’ll give you a big hint… it’s the same people who NEVER delete your gmail even though YOU think you did.  If you guessed Google, congratulations!

Mail Goggles

OK, so maybe your email problems aren’t that dramatic. Maybe you just use too many four-letter words when you drink at your computer desk.  Google has a solution for gmail users just like you.  It’s called “Mail Goggles” and by default it operates on weekends between 10pm and 4am, which is the time when most drunken emails are generated.  (You have the option of changing the times.) To pass the Google drunk test, you have to answer a series of five math questions within sixty seconds.  The idea is that you are drunk enough to send a profane letter to your boss, you probably aren’t sober enough to know the answer to 35 minus 17.

mail goggles

Of course, there are always drawbacks to any innovation. Perhaps you are math-challenged. It also doesn’t solve my own particular email problem. I am more likely to get into trouble emailing when I am sober but angry. It is just too easy to pound out a hasty message, and then realize later that it might have too many sharp edges on it.

Drunken Email Writing Service

However, if you want to write drunken emails, but just aren’t very creative about it, there is help for you as well. Check out the Drunken Email Generator.  (Warning… the language might be colorful.  Drunk people will say the darndest things!)

Tomorrow, you may want to check out the Apology Generator.

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  1. That’s hilarious. Thanks for the break in the day.

  2. Hahaha..I had a good laugh reading this post. Good thing I don’t write emails when I’m sober :)

  3. Stay away from the computer when you’ve had a few! That drunk e-mailer is hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to pass it on to some friends.

  4. That is awesome. I dont send out drunken emails but I do send out some late night emails when I am bleary tired and which of course make no sense the following day.

  5. Paula Henry says:

    LOL – Never Drink and Drive or Blog or write emails and never ever do all at the same time.

    Paula Henrys last blog post..At a Local Gas Station

  6. Pam says:

    I get plastered and send out my emails. Sometimes I blog post but saving them as drafts and re-reading / editing in the morning seems the smarter thing to do. You seem like great person to hang out with!

  7. Ashlee in Fort Worth says:

    That is too funny! I cannot say that I have ever sent a drunken email but I have sent many angry/tired emails. Maybe they should come up with a system for every email to be checked!

  8. Funny as hell, really enjoyed it. Do you have a link for drunken facebook or drunkchat. I can see a whole new line of products for drunktexting being a big hit.

    Thanks for the post.

    Lou Lynch
    Ulster County REALTOR

  9. Kermit Johnson says:


    No, I am sorry. Heavy drinking is not really a big interest of mine.

    Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with your new product line.

  10. Jayson says:

    Nice! I can’t wait to try it out on purpose this weekend. I’ll see if I can’t get away with sending a few “damagers” and see what happens.

  11. Richard says:

    An interesting idea from Google Mail labs – I’m assuming it’s quite popular!

  12. Scott says:

    GUILTY… Bad move to drunk dial…nearly got divorced over it!!

  13. Dan Nappi says:

    I think that some people ought to be drunk when they email :)

    Dan Nappis last blog post..Real Estate Do Follow Blogs

  14. I have never done it, but I know a friend of mine, who accidentally emailed the wrong person, and yeah.. it went bad ;)

    Till then,


  15. I dont email when drunk anymore lol. It has gotten me in trouble in the past. I am a crazy drunk

  16. Brandon at Santa Rosa Real Estate says:

    Drunk emailing might possibly be the best thing ever. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Brandon at Santa Rosa Real Estates last blog post..Santa Rosa Real Estate with a View

  17. Good one. I have a habit of checking mails at late nights but I don’t do such rubbish stuffs.

  18. This post was funny. How many times have you received an email from someone in the middle of the night that you just go “what the?” I know I have a few friends who mindlessly do this. I laughed out loud.

  19. Report Scam says:

    this reason help me got my wife now lolz

    i just can tell her everything when i drunk. and it would help :)

  20. I keep joking about needing to install this. Luckily I’m more entertaining when drunk emailing than anything else!

  21. Deb Dahlberg Rowland says:

    This is hilariously funny and I do know some people who need to know about this “service”… not me…with all of the face time I put on a computer daily the last thing I do at night is email combined with the fact that now I can’t keep my eyes open past 9pm, or one drink !

  22. Derek Weeks says:

    This was an awesome way to start my day! Hilarious and a great post for sure! Thanks.

    Derek Weekss last blog post..Repairing Bad Credit with Prepaid Credit Cards

  23. Shelley Tucci says:

    OM Goodness! That was just the levity I needed for the day. I wonder how it would work with blogging?

  24. Daphne Lacey says:

    Too funny…I have been known to drunk call back in my drinking days, but I am glad that I do not email when I have had a couple…

  25. Morgan says:

    That is a smart thing. Just keep away from drinking or set the Mail Goggle at right time.

  26. It is also bad to drink and text!!!

  27. Rebecca says:

    Can we put a breathalizer on the computer??? ;-0)

  28. Robert Mack says:

    Great post and it is just crazy to think about what Google will come out with next. Have they thought of everything?

    As bad as drunk emailing can end up, the funny thing is that it is probably as real as its gonna get before the sober mind makes it more client friendly!
    .-= Robert Mack´s last blog ..10 Proven Strategies to Sell Your Irvine Home Now! =-.

  29. LoL, I thought cell phones were bad for use while drunk. Emails now thats even better.

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