Fortune 500 companies use WordPress!

wordpress also works for real estate agents Do you think Fortune 500 companies use template and frame sites that are used by most real estate website development companies like Z57 and Advanced Acces? Not very likely!  They know that template sites are loaded with clunky code and are very difficult to optimize for search engine performance.Also, they typically don’t have a very clean look, either. They use WordPress!  They are serious! Why don’t REALTORS use WordPress?  After all, most professional internet marketers know about WordPress or have a hosted WordPress site. Well, the truth of the matter is that REALTORS are just starting to discover WordPress.  It won’t be long before you will be seeing plenty of real estate agent websites built on a seo friendly WordPress platform. Here are just a few Fortune 500 companies that use WordPress:

  • Wall Street Journal
  • Wall Street Journal Magazine
  • Stanford University
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Samsung
  • Coca Cola
  • Xerox
  • CNN Money
  • American Express
  • The New York Times runs over 50 WordPress-powered sites.
  • Pepsi
  • Fisher Price
  • Nokia
  • Intel
  • Nikon
  • UPS
  • Best Buy
  • General Electric


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  1. This is very interesting information. I have made webpages for friends and clients for years using wordpress, but always wondered if a truly “professional” company would build a site around the wordpress platform. If this information is correct and all these fortune 500 companies really do use wordpress well, that’s certainly good to know, and encouraging.

  2. International Property Listing says:

    This post will surely increase the popularity of wordpress.

  3. Austin MLS says:

    Every time I talk to someone that wants to build a site from scratch I always try to convince them to use wordpress. With all the plugins and widgets it makes sense to use an established platform.

  4. WordPress is really good for making blogs, easy and very useful let’s go wordpress

  5. WordPress is indeed a great platform for building websites and blogs. I have my own blog on WordPress only. Something good to know that I have made the right choice when deciding over various content management platforms. Fortune 500 companies are using wordpress that means wordpress is really a good tool :) . Thank you for such a valuable post…

  6. WordPress is definitely a stable building block to build your website on. All this information is great! WordPress is taking off among so many companies.

  7. We use a WordPress site and recommend to other agents to do the same if they are interested in results. We had a static template site for years that did nothing for our business. Our WordPress site created business within the first couple of months of launching and blogging.

  8. This doesnt suprise me. WordPress is an excellent platform for any website and great for SEO.

  9. WordPress is definitely the way to go, I use mainly for more real estate business.

  10. DeeDee Skidmore says:

    People at our company, Sky Realty Austin, are having success with WordPress.  :-)

  11. Ajay says:

    I think wordpress is the way to go, especially for Realtors because it’s so simple to use and the fact that most agents aren’t too tech savvy.

  12. Been looking at doing some SEO and bettering the web design on my site for a while, so this website has been really useful. Easy read also, so thank you!

  13. Marge Ligas says:

    Have been looking at doing some SEO and bettering the design on my site for a while, so this post has been really useful. Clear read as well, so thank you!

  14. classifieds says:

    While you are at it, try to invest some time in securing your wordpress admin page too because it’s a popular place the hackers like to look at.

  15. Websites are generally not built like they used to as CRM’s such as WordPress and Joomla have taken over the mix. It’s alot easier to maintain a site, however, with WordPress.

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