Using WordPress to Sell Lake Minnetonka Foreclosures

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Loretta Holscher

Lake Minnetonka homes comprise the cream of the Twin Cities Minnesota luxury home markets, and Lake Minnetonka foreclosures are in demand because of the special opportunities that they present to would-be luxury home buyers who might not otherwise be able to afford to purchase homes here.  With over 200 miles of prime Minnesota lakeshore dotted with luxury estates in upper bracket communities like Orono, Minnetrista, Tonka Bay, Spring Park, and Wayzata, Lake Minnetonka homes represent the pinnacle of Minnesota lakeshore luxury living.  Lake Minnetonka foreclosures are prized listings for any luxury homes agent.

Marketing Lake Minnetonka Foreclosures with a WordPress Real Estate Website

Needless to say, Lake Minnetonka foreclosures a competitive arena for Minnesota luxury real estate agents, and big companies spend large amounts of money on marketing themselves on the internet in an attempt to capture this market.  Loretta Holscher is the classic example of a David and Goliath story;  a single agent with a simple WordPress realtor website with an extremely minimalistic, simple design and a very light, SEO friendly framework ensures that Loretta dominates search engine results for search terms related to Lake Minnetonka foreclosures and this lucrative segment of the real estate market.  Of course, her internet exposure would be useless if it were not backed up by her charismatic personality and her tenacious approach to providing her website visitors with award winning service and follow-through performance.  Find out more about Loretta Holscher and Lake Minnetonka foreclosures by visiting her website at

Many self-appointed Lake Minnetonka foreclosures “experts” have egos that are larger than their sales records, but Loretta is the antithesis of this type of luxury real estate agent.  If you look at Loretta’s WordPress real estate site, you will see that Loretta is more interested in serving you by providing information rather than making an impressive display about herself.  In spite of her self-effacing demeanor, Loretta is the recipient of several prestigious service awards, including the distinguished Super Real Estate Agent Award bestowed by Mpls St. Paul Magazine and Twin Cities Business.



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