Selling Luxury Martinique Abacoa Real Estate

martinique abacoa home sellerScott Lillian is a heavy-hitting real estate agent from Martinique Abacoa that has been around the block with real estate marketing more than a few sites.  Scott has had numerous real estate websites built by a number of real estate website companies and has enjoyed mixed results.  He knows that a real estate website that works is the most cost-effective form of real estate advertising for Martinique Abacoa luxury real estate that there is.  If it doesn’t work, it is a total waste of money. Newspapers are dead and other forms of “dead-tree” media like postcards, grocery store magazine ads, and Yellow Pages is very expensive.   He also knows that adding content to a site is a complete waste of time if it is not added in away that will get discovered and presented on or near the top of search engine results pages (SERPs.)  Scott is not interested in simply creating informative content about Martinique Abacoa homes; he is interested in using his WordPress real estate website to sell them.

Martinique Abacoa on the Web

With that in mind, Scott has recently torn down four of his Martinique Abacoa and other Jupiter Florida real estate websites and has had them reconstructed on a hosted WordPress platform, reconfigured and loaded with SEO-friendly content created by  Scott is interested in having website visibility, usability, and an effective lead capture system.

Scott’s Martinique Abacoa luxury homes website also highlights a number of other Jupiter Florida neighborhoods and property types, including condos, waterfront, and golf course homes.

If you want to see some of Florida’s finest luxury homes for sale, check out Scott’s Martinique Abacoa website.

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  1. MariaList says:

    I kept moving resources for mailings, print publications and other advertising to Internet only, and have done much better in the long run. Today we do absolutely no mailings, or ads other than the Internet. The Internet is much more cost effective than mailings if done correctly.

  2. Jackie says:

    Scott’s site looks pretty nice. Congratulations I am sure that will generate some good leads.

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