UK Civil Service Switches to WordPress

Recently, The UK Civil Service relaunched its website on a WordPress platform. What struck me about the design of the site, is that for a government site it is extremely clean and lightweight.

Many businesses uses WordPress to rank well and attract visitors. Many companies and government agencies are also discovering that WordPress is a superior content management system that is capable of handling huge quantities of documents and data.

The UK Civil Service site is huge, and is used to manage a wide range of information accessed by about 450,000 employees, including data pensions, agency job positions, and legal documents.

Reasons for making the switch:

  • Easy content administration
  • Cost savings on site hosting and administration
  • Easy collaboration with other sites
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Stability
  • Ease of use for a wide range of content editors
  • Use of WordPress plugins to save time editing 30,000 migrated links


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