WordPress Web Development for REALTORS®

Most real estate websites are designed for the sole purpose of attracting only the REALTORS who will buy the sites; they do little to garner favor with search engines. If the search engines won’t find those sites, potential customers won’t either! Put your site on a platform used by Fortune 500 companies.


A Billboard in Antarctica?

As everyone knows by now, over 80% of home buyers find their homes or their agents on the net. The sad truth is that only a tiny fraction of REALTOR sites are ever even seen. Most small business websites suffer from the same sort of inattention! You might as well buy a billboard in Antarctica!


It doesn’t have to be that way. An AgentBlogBuzz.com website is designed for results! Put your name on top of a high-performance blogsite and get found! The sites are built on the very same WordPress® platforms used by everyone from Fortune 500 companies to presidential candidates.


Web Development for Realtors

One of my own real estate sites is http://RealEstateTwinCities.NET.
Here is some traffic data for the site that was compiled on May 4th, 2012 by a third-party device called Mint:

stats for wordpress website for realtors

Note: these stats measure unique visitors (new) and repeat traffic.


The site ranks for  real estate-related search terms of keyword terms that visitors actually use to find the site in the search engines.The site gets about 1100 sessions per day, about 500+ unique visitors,  and I refer leads from the site every day.

The site works well because it is easily read by search engines, and all content is extremely accessible. The architecture of the site itself is optimal for search engine results. The core code is extremely light. The sole objective here is to run this lean and court favor with search engines.

My personal real estate site ranks for literally  thousands of keyword terms that bring real visitors to the site!  I am not bragging!  If I can do it, you can do it.

But Does it Work?

Here is a generous and sort of embarrassing plug from the president of Independent Brokers Realty:


View other testimonials. Agents and other practitioners in Minnesota, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Jersey, Florida, and California are satisfied with their AgentBlogBuzz.com websites.

Content is King!

Search engines can’t read flashy animations and they can’t index music or graphics! Search engines want solid, idex-able, content-rich copy!

You will learn how to publish posts that can frequently index and rank within hours of publication!

Affordable WordPress Web Development for Real Estate Agents

My WordPress website construction fees are reasonable, More importantly, your website will outperform sites that cost anywhere from $5,000.00 to $20,000.00 How do I know this? I have personally had several websites built for me and have spent many thousands of dollars on them. I have also spent thousands of dollars on monthly SEO services.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on on-site SEO. Your site will be search engine friendly right out of the box!

However, it is not a secret that off-site work, i.e. gathering backlinks, etc  can help!. You can learn how to do this yourself or you can have someone do it for you. If you are on a meager budget want awesome help with off-site SEO, backlinks, etc.  contact me.  There is only one guy I will trust do do this with my own sites. I will give you his contact information.

There is no “silver bullet” for having an optimal website. No one can guarantee you “number one” spot in the Google SERPS. If they do, they are charlatans, and you should run screaming from them! But with a little persistence, your work and investment in your own professional blog will pay off! There are plenty of people out there that want hefty monthly fees to the tune of thousands of dollars per month to get your site “optimized” for Google SERPs. You do not need them.

If you can type, upload photos, and follow a few rules as you add content, you can do this!

No previous experience or special computer skills are necessary.

The truth of the matter is, you can do your own SEO. You just need a simple website structure, fresh and original relevant content, and backlinks.

Real estate search terms are some of the most competitive terms on the internet. I am a real estate agent myself, so I understand your tough market niche. However, if a WordPress blog will work for real estate, it will certainly work for for your product.

WordPress is used by everyone from local softball teams to Fortune 500 companies.

The WordPress Platform is extremely search engine friendly. Even Google has good things to say about it!  Fact: Search engines love WordPress!


Call me for a quote at 612-296-0007 to have your site built for you. We can probably build the site in about a week or so. This is a WordPress platform that I will FTP to a server and completely build for you.This includes writing content, constructing forms, installing professional photos, creating links… everything  you need. 

Your new WordPress site will be ready to go right out of the box!


You will not have to do anything to prepare it for launch date. The one-time fee includes training for maintaining the site.


For same one-time cost as about a dozen Sunday newspaper photo classifieds (that nobody will even read,) you can have your own high-performance website! Your blogsite can contain unlimited static pages, unlimited posts, easy ways to update the site, unlimited photos, and custom forms.

If your are a real estate agent, you can have an mls/idx search function. The website will be attractive, have a simple, logical flow, and be easy to read. It will also have a code that is extremely light and can be easily indexed by Google.


(612) 296-0007


Make the switch!

Some of my first websites were template sites were purchased from Homes.com® and Real Estate Home Pages®. I also used Point2Agent®, but the sites just did not perform that well. My last real estate website was developed by Advanced Access®. I was spending an extra monthy fee for a “Gold” marketing program that gave me conflicting advice. After several hundred frustrating hours of my own work creating several hundred pages, I found my site on page two of Google for “Minneapolis Real Estate.” Then I dropped completely out of site. Advanced Access® could offer no explanation!

I parted ways, and built a web on a system similar to this one, and the next day, I found myself at number three on page one of Google for the same term!

Web development for everyone!


WordPress blog posts are easily indexed by search engines, and can rank quickly. In fact, Google and other search engines are “pinged” or notified of new content every time I add new content. Frequently, my posts appear on page one of Google within 24hrs. The site makes it as easy as possible for major search engines to crawl your posts and cache your data in their systems so that your site appears as high as possible on the search engine results pages.

Sites will include Google-compliant site maps, photos, simple contact forms with spam control, and as many static pages as you want. Blogs are excellent tools for developing a loyal readership, communicating with clients, and posting your listings.

Is it a blog or is it a website?


The short answer is that it is both. Some people would call my website a blogsite; it has both regular static pages and our blog component is not a separate entity or built on a subdomain (which is the kiss of death for SEO) but is fully integrated with static components of the pages.  Also, it is important to note that a blog is a website!

The sites contain traditional info pages, forms pages, etc, but the posts are what help the sites rank well.  From a visual standpoint, the posts are not much different than regular pages, but Google loves them!

What is a difference between a post and a page?


Aside from the social potential of blog posts, there is only one meaningful difference: Search engines are notified when a post is published. The posts have the ability to rank quickly.


Have a site with custom content completely built and optimized for you!


Contact Kermit Johnson for a free consultation and custom price quote.


(612) 296-0007

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  1. Chris Cantu says:

    Advance Access site, need to overcome the inertia of sitting unchanged on the internet.

  2. Wonderful information to share about cheap web hosting for us all! You are right, Google loves fresh content, and the best way to do that is with a blog you update regularly. Photo blogs can be great for that as well.
    .-= Leon Belenky@Miami Homes For Sale´s last blog ..Luxury Homes on the Sunset Islands Miami Florida =-.

  3. Ryan Jones says:

    Great article on the benefits of ahcving a blog. Google truly does love new information that is relevant. I have had websites for years and never got anywhere with rankings. I switched over to wordpress 2 1/2 weeks ago and I am already on page 3 and climbing everyday. And I havent really even begun my SEO.
    .-= Ryan Jones´s last blog ..Sacramento Property Management: Folsom Corridor Market Update =-.

  4. You are correct, fresh content is the key to increasing your ranks and retaining visitors. Thanks for sharing all the great benefits a blog can give to your search results and key word links!

  5. I agree 100% – keeping fresh content on your site is the best way to grab Google’s attention. The hard part is finding the time to keep adding the content!

  6. Thanks. I’ll look into this.

  7. While seemingly everyone under the sun is trying to sell us agents SEO services these days (and every day I feel myself getting closer and closer to caving in and forking out big bucks), I could scarcely believe my eyes when I read you say, “The truth of the matter is, you can do your own SEO. You just need a simple website structure, fresh and original relevant content, and backlinks”. WOW! Thanks for articulating this so clearly and concisely. It’s a refreshingly different perspective I haven’t come across until now. Hmmm. Maybe doing my own SEO really isn’t as hard as I’ve been telling myself…nor as difficult as the myriad of SEO experts out there would otherwise have me believe!

  8. Updating website with fresh content regularly is essential these days at least from SEO point of view. It is good have fresh information and provides job opportunities for the content writers world wide as well.

  9. I totally agree! Its best to have fresh contents every now and then and those contents should have keywords on it. For realtors who have search engine friendly websites, they will likely make it to the top spot in search engine and outrun other competitors.

  10. david says:

    SEO is finding its importance almost in every field online. It is very important for attracting potential customers to the site and also get better sales out of it. Content is one best way to develop the site in SEO point of view.
    Nice sharing and keep posting.

  11. I agree as well, If you wanted to be on top on search engine’s list you have to develop your site in favor of search engines. The design of your website is not of priority. The internet is all about content, to get great rankings in search engines you have to have fresh content on added on your site on a regular basis.

  12. This is a great article. It is always good to consider what is going on to a web page. Keeping it fresh and high quality makes all the differnce in the world… Getting your web page and information out there is huge, and besides who wants to read old articles and useless information. Great reminder for everyone involved with the internet.

  13. Having a website that ranks has been my most important asset in the last few years. The information age has totally changed the way that real estate is done and how people find the homes they want to see!

  14. David Losh says:

    I dumped Advance Access last week. My first site was a Z57 site for about three years, then it was the Advance Access for six years. My new site is a Word Press.

    It has helped put me in control of my content. Even though there is content provided on the template sites, it’s stagnant. The content hasn’t changed since Advance Access was bought a few years ago. The only changes that were made were in the virtual office with features that took forever to load, and then didn’t work properly.

    Oh, and I forgot about the propoganda that replaced the news feed. As long as you are paying to have some one make up the news it should have some reality thrown in.

    It’s important to get help. I’m pretty well versed in Word Press, but I have taken classes, and hired a consultant. The results I’ve gotten in just a couple of months is much more than years of baby sitting those templates at Advance Access and Z57.

  15. kanishk says:

    yes, You are right, Google loves fresh content, and the best way to do that is with a blog you update regularly.

  16. I agree that content is gold. Fresh contents makes good sites popular and updating your blogs will make you up in the arena of search engine. Right keywords should consider as it increases the chance of getting on top of search engine. Nice post! It helps a lot!
    .-= Californiahomes´s last blog ..California Home Sales increased by 16.7% =-.

  17. Your site is very well done. Custom development is so worth it. Most people who buy a template end up spending many more hours or dollars adjusting the format than they would have starting from scratch…sort of like buy a home and reconfiguring it, versus building custom…custom result is always better.

  18. I agree with you………. yes, content is the most important thing and Google likes fresh content.Excellent blog with valuable tips! Thanks for posting.

  19. I agree! every blog or site should have a content that has a good quality and uniqueness.
    .-= Salt Lake County´s last blog ..Salt Lake City Annual Home Sale Statistics =-.

  20. Well I know exactly how you felt. I’ve spend hundreds of hours marketing my site and it just doesn’t preform well in google at all. I have been ready to make the switch to a WP blog but have not had the time to do so.

  21. I’m still interested in you services. I launched a Website last year http://www.MinnesotaHomeSearch.net I’m still having a tuff time to rise in the ranks. I know the blogging needs to be consistant and that’s the hard part. I will keep in touch in the future and see what 2010 has to offer.

  22. Great information Kermit! Blogging has definitely helped my internet presence and dramatically increased my leads thanks to Agentblogbuzz and all of Kermits help!

  23. I would like to support that guy who have given the comment I totally agree! Its best to have fresh contents every now and then and those contents should have keywords on it

  24. I started with z57, then Advanced Access and eventually went to our own custom site. We have a separate WP blog that does well, but I would like to see if anyone has opinions about installing a WP blog (customized, of course) right inside an existing website. Does that make sense to do, in terms of keeping content fresh – which is hard to do in a “primary” website.

  25. This is for real! The content really matters in a website. With relevant information and proper keywords, for sure the web owner can maximize the traffic and use SEO to its potential capabilities….BTW, thanks for this inspirational article.
    .-= Jake Hamilton´s last blog ..Things to Consider in Choosing a Modern Builder Home =-.

  26. I know this post is a little after the fact but I’m impressed by some of your ideas and the video was quite informative and well put together. I would say the real estate niches you are in seem to be making you money and thats what we want to do. please update more often so I can follow you.

  27. Karl Lopez says:

    You got it right!! i agree with your article google like it FRESH

  28. I installed a blog on my business and it just means more people find you. If you have 200 pages on a site rather than 10 more people will find you when searching, it just stands to reason.

  29. I also agree that content has become the most important aspect of the SEO friendly website. But that’s
    What it should have been all along, for agents the content is the listing, market data ect.

  30. I agree, it’s key to keep the content refreshed for SEO Purposes and it also brings future clients back to your page and the will keep you in mind when they are ready to purchase a property.

  31. Blogging is really an important part of an agents overall web presence. Creating a professional web presence and treating it professionally goes a long way toward establishing an agent as a local professional, particularly to out of state buyers who use the internet for research.

  32. Content IS King. We’re actually working on a new site for our company. The problem with our current site is that it’s very static. The new site will allow for updated content and help us in our search rankings.

  33. By Updating website with fresh content on regular basis is essential for good search engine visivility and more traffic from SEO point of view.

  34. I’m glad you bring up these points. I’ve been telling my colleges that you don’t want to have useless information hanging around on your site if you are trying to sell a condo. You want to have something that people can find. And if you are on page 10 on google search, you probably won’t be found!

  35. I agree! wordpress is good cms tool for use of non technical person. they provide good analytics too

  36. Not only fresh content, but good content. You always want people to come back and see what is new in your neck of the woods. Before you know it, you have 100's of visitors a day!

    Some great information here. Thanks for sharing!

  37. This looks like a great solution for real estate agent websites. What kind of price range do you charge for these?

  38. WordPress is a fantastic platform. I use WordPress and AgentPress as my website foundation.

  39. I really liked this article. I have seen a blending of blogs and websites including mine which is built on wordpress, but is used to advertise log cabins for sale.

  40. Great Article! I’m agreeing with you original & fresh relevant content are most important for SEO back links are support you increase your PR.

  41. WordPress is absolutely amazing. It has a lot of open source plugins for your site/blog’s enhancement. SEO is not an issue on wordpress too, it has amazing seo plugins that will surely optimize your blog.

  42. I’ve made a few WordPress websites and they are fantastic. Are you still building them. This is a pretty old post and I wasn’t sure if you were still making sites. Would love to see more of your work.

    And you’re right! Content IS king!!

  43. Lenzie says:

    Word Press is a big help in my work everyday i like the idea that you can choose what you like,it’s always good to be back everyday because you learn something new to this post.thanks!

  44. Fresh content is key and the best for your dollar would be wordpress!!

  45. Piolo says:

    WordPress is a really nice blog host. No doubt about it. It can cater different kinds of bloggers all over the world. Thank God there is wordpress~!

  46. Soju says:

    WordPress is a very useful blog host. It has a lot of open source plug-ins for enhancement of your blog. These plug-ins can really bring your blog to a whole new level.

  47. Annie beth says:

    WordPress all i can say is friendly to the user since last year i not having problem with i,in fact it make my work fast and easy,i am really glad that i found this so i can say thank you and i can tell to the the people that i am happy using the WP.

  48. It’s important to optimize by title of each of your posts. Al lot of SEO plugin are available to do that.

  49. Jan-Jan says:

    WordPress is definitely amazing, I think WordPress for SEO is great. It has a lot of open source plugins for our blog site to increase functionality.

  50. Dominga says:

    I did try the WordPress and it’s good to make an article,since i started using word press that makes my work faster and easy.

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